Oriented development

Oriented development

Duc Tung Mechanical Trading & Services Co., Ltd. has set specific objectives with a focus on achieving a comprehensive and sustainable development scale. Our primary emphasis is on cultivating a formal corporate culture and cultivating high-quality human resources. We are committed to integrating with prevailing development trends, aspiring to become a distinguished company known for high-quality services and guaranteed excellence.

In the dynamic landscape of the market economy, Duc Tung conscientiously positions itself to provide guidance for the future, foster relationships, and simultaneously adapt and evolve proactively.


Stabilizing Existing Market Presence:

Currently, our focus lies in upgrading quality and expanding services. This involves synchronizing technical systems and intensifying the training of human resources. Our efforts are particularly concentrated on nurturing relationships with large and stable clientele.

Market Expansion Initiatives:

As part of our strategic plan, the company will explore and learn from business models in advanced countries such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Concurrently, we are dedicated to assembling a team of highly technical and skilled technicians and workers.

Duc Tung is committed to modernizing the company, grounded in core values such as social responsibility, innovation based on scientific principles, and fostering individual creativity. Our team comprises well-trained, experienced, enthusiastic, attentive, and professional service staff, ensuring your satisfaction with the quality of our company's products and services