Development process

Development process

After more than 15 years of steadfast construction and development since its establishment on November 14, 2008, Duc Tung Mechanical Trading and Service Co., Ltd. has navigated the challenges inherent in the mechanical enterprise landscape. The company has steadily solidified its position, cultivating a reputable brand in the mechanical industry market. Recognized as a trusted partner by major investors, Duc Tung excels, particularly in the provision of equipment, personnel, manufacturing, repairs, and maintenance across various industries, with a focus on serving the oil and gas sector.


In its initial stages, Duc Tung faced the familiar hurdles encountered by many burgeoning economic entities, operating within a constrained business scale. Primarily engaged in the design and construction of civil projects, the company exhibited determination, an enterprising spirit, and a commitment to exploration and innovation. Strategic investments in equipment, technology, and the augmentation of production capacity underscored Duc Tung's progression.


Over the course of 15 years, Duc Tung Mechanical Trading and Service Co., Ltd. has evolved significantly. Initially comprising a team of just over 10 individuals at its inception, the company now boasts a robust workforce exceeding 100 people. This team, consisting of adept managers, mechanical engineers, office staff, and skilled technical workers, is meticulously organized to ensure the seamless fulfillment of the company's production requirements.


Beyond its formidable human resource infrastructure, Duc Tung has established a union organization dedicated to the welfare of its staff. Through various movement activities and initiatives outside of routine production and business tasks, the company ensures the well-being of its employees, both materially and spiritually.


Engaging in community-oriented work, such as charitable endeavors and support for the impoverished, as well as contributions to flood and storm prevention efforts, Duc Tung Mechanical Trading and Service Co., Ltd. actively promotes a socially responsible and compassionate ethos. The company's growth continues unabated, positioning itself not only as a prominent player in the domestic market but also as a recognized entity on the international stage.